Hyper Photonix announces Si photonics 400G DR4 general availability and OFC debut

Hyper Photonix, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance silicon photonics powered optical transceivers, announces its entrance into the US optical transceiver market with Hyper Silicon™ enabled 400G DR4 general availability and OFC 2023 participation as a first-time exhibitor. The company introduces a family of pluggable optical modules spanning 100G to 400G and beyond to be marketed to Hyperscale Data Centers, Cloud, Enterprise, and Metro network operators across the United States.

Courtesy of Hyper Photonix, 2023

Hyper Photonix’ 400G QSFP-DD DR4 module, built on Hyper Silicon™ technology, is capable of up to 2km transmission distance.

The Company’s proprietary Hyper Silicon™ Si photonics platform originates from its R&D labs in Asia and provides advanced product performance at the lowest possible cost. Enabled by in-house Chip-to-Transceiver core competencies and a strong commercial foundry partner relationship, Hyper Photonix controls the complete product supply chain from chip design and fabrication to automated chip coupling and testing to transceiver design and manufacturing, and thereby assures customers of consistent on-time order fulfillment and cost-effective product performance over mass production volumes.

“Hyper Photonix is pleased to enter the US transceiver market and offer customers the intrinsic value of a chip-to-transceiver scalable solution platform at a compelling cost per gigabit,” said Xavier Clairardin, CEO of Hyper Photonix. “Our 400G QSFP-DD DR4 Hyper Silicon™ transceiver is fully qualified and we are ramping production capacity aggressively to support Hyperscale Data Center demand. The Hyper Silicon™ platform scales easily to faster lane speeds and higher aggregate data rates, accelerating the release of 800G+ products currently in the final stages of development.”