Imec, SMART photonics sign MOU

SMART Photonics and imec have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to underpin their intention to work together in the field of hybrid integration of InP on SiN/SiPh. The collaboration will include the hybrid integration of InP on SiN/SiPh with flip chip bonding and butt coupling, hybrid integration of InP on SiN/SiPh with micro-transfer printing, laser design, and the design of interface elements for the integration of InP/SiPh along with system demonstration and prototyping.

Laser-based nuclear fusion developer Focused Energy signed a strategic partnership agreement with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) to assist with developing and assessing the performance of isochoric compression target designs for inertial fusion energy. Focused Energy’s approach to generate energy uses millimeter-scale plastic capsules, filled with a small amount of the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium.

IPG Photonics entered into a partnership with arc welding manufacturer Miller Electric Manufacturing. The partnership will focus on promoting laser solutions for hand-held welding applications.

FISBA AG plans to consolidate its North American subsidiary by merging its Tucson, Ariz., and Portland, Maine, locations. All production will transition to its new 12,450-sq-ft Portland facility by the end of the year. Employees of Gray Optics, which FISBA acquired earlier in 2023, will relocate to the Portland facility.

Optical technology provider Windstream Wholesale integrated VIAVI Solutions’ remote fiber test system into its intelligent converged optical network. The integration will further advance network functionality for dark fiber and wavelength monitoring and will become a commercial solution during the first quarter of 2024.

Nubis Communications, a silicon photonics and electronic and optical packaging company, has secured total investment of over $50 million. The company emerged from stealth in February, having designed an optical engine optimized for machine learning and AI cluster interconnects. New investors include Ericsson Ventures and TDK Ventures, whose contributions will accelerate Nubis’ transition to high-volume manufacturing in 2024.

Leonardo DRS received a $134 million order for the continued production of its thermal weapon sights for the U.S. Army. The FWS-I sight is a stand-alone, clip-on weapon sight that connects wirelessly to helmet-mounted vision systems including night-vision goggle binoculars and integrated visual augmentation systems that provide rapid target acquisition capabilities.

Aeva entered into a production agreement with Nikon, whereby Aeva will supply Nikon with micron-precise lidar-on-chip technology to power Nikon’s industrial metrology and quality control products. The multiyear agreement will see Aeva’s start of production targeted for late 2024 with Nikon product availability expected in 2025

Semiconductor company Nexperia BV entered into an agreement with Vishay Intertechnology, which will acquire Nexperia’s wafer fabrication facility and operations located in Newport, South Wales, for $177 million in cash. The deal comes a year after the U.K. government’s decision to order the divestment of 86% of the semiconductor wafer factory under concerns for national security. The facility is an automotive-certified, 200-mm semiconductor wafer fab that supplies primarily automotive markets.

Single-crystal diamonds producer Diamond Foundry created a 100-mm single-crystal diamond wafer. Using a method known as diamond heteroepitaxy, which creates single-crystal diamond on scalable substrates and combining it with other technologies, the company said it created a wafer composed of a single crystal of diamond. The company added that the wafer is 4 cm bigger than the biggest rough diamond ever mined.

Laser safety company Lasermet completed the construction and acquisition of new facilities located in the Haydock Industrial Estate in Merseyside, England. The total 20,500-sq-m facility includes areas for storage, manufacturing, and showroom space.