Industry’s first 5.2 GHz BAW RF co-existence filter for 4G LTE and 5G mobile devices

Akoustis has introduced a new 5.2 GHz BAW RF filter aimed at the billion dollar BAW filter market for future 4G LTE and 5G mobile devices. The AKF-1652 is the first 5 GHz BAW RF co-existence WiFi filter available for mobile devices. The filter offers lower insertion loss and a significantly smaller footprint than existing non-BAW co-existence filter technologies that operate at 5.2 GHz.
Advanced WiFi CPE architectures including 802.11ac 2X2, 4X4 and 8X8 Multi-user Multiple In/Multiple Out (MU-MIMO) are experiencing a faster uptake, driving the demand for smaller components as the complexity within WiFi infrastructure devices is increasing exponentially, as experienced in 4G mobile over the past several years. This trend is expected to continue, especially as 802.11ax is finalized and implemented in next generation tri-band CPE.
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The AKF-1652 is a high performance, ultra-small passband 5.2 GHz BAW RF filter designed for use in tri-band WiFi mobile applications. The filters are produced using Akoustis’ new proprietary XB1 single-crystal BAW manufacturing process, which delivers high-performance RF filter solutions for frequencies in the sub 6 GHz range. It provides low insertion loss covering U-NII-1 and U-NII-2A bands and meets the stringent rejection requirements enabling coexistence with U-NII-2C and U-NII-3 bands. The high-power rating satisfies the demanding requirements of the latest WiFi standards including 802.11ac. The filter solution incorporates standard commercial module packaging and is compatible with high-volume, lead-free SMT soldering processes.

Filter Features:
  • High frequency operation at 5.2 GHz
  • Wide bandwidth covering both U-NII-1 and U-NII-2A
  • Low insertion loss (~1.5dB) in both U-NII-1 and U-NII-2A passband
  • High power rating with +30dBm maximum
  • High rejection with >45dB enabling coexistence with adjacent U-NII-2C + U-NII-3 bands
  • Single-ended Ant, Tx/Rx ports
  • Ultra-small form factor packaged module at 2 x 2.5 x 0.9mm
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40C to +85C

This is the third commercial product announced by Akoustis since freezing its first generation single crystal BAW manufacturing process in early March. Later that month, Akoustis announced the first commercial 5.2 GHz BAW RF filter for tri-band WiFi router applications – AKF-1252. In April, Akoustis announced its second commercial product, a 3.8 GHz BAW RF filter – AKF-1938, a high frequency solution targeting radar applications that aligns with emerging 5G frequency spectrum. The Company’s XB1 process supports a wide range of spectrum targeting sub 6 GHz bands, covering the entire unlicensed WiFi spectrum, 4G LTE and emerging 5G cellular and C-V2X applications. 5 GHz WiFi is one of the first target markets for Akoustis given the significant size and performance advantages compared to incumbent dielectric filters.