Infinet wireless succesfully deploys a 50 km mm-wave (70 GHz) wireless link

Infinet Wireless, together with its partner Flex, has successfully tested the Quanta 70 platform, pushing it to the limits in the most challenging conditions possible. A link was successfully deployed between the towns of Klin and Dubna in the Moscow region, over a distance of 51 km, and delivered results which are simply a unique achievement for any wireless platform operating in the frequency bands above 70 GHz.

Wireless solutions in the 71-76 GHz bands are normally designed for establishing radio links over distances ranging from hundreds of meters to a few kilometers, all in clear LOS conditions. Expert wireless engineers from both Flex and Infinet Wireless faced the challenging task of establishing connectivity over long distances using the Quanta Q70-50 solution, fitted with 2 ft antennas that were mounted on telecom towers at heights of 100 meters. The engineers managed to perform a nearly impossible task of aligning the antennas with a beamwidth of only 0.5 degrees. Over a period of one week, the link was tested continuously and delivered stable data streams in clear weather conditions.

Infinet Wireless designed the innovative Quanta 70 Point-to-Point solutions based on the company’s Octopus SDR platform. They provide throughputs of up to 480 Mbps in a 125 MHz channel size and are ideally suited for telecom operators and geographically-spread corporates wishing to deploy high-speed connectivity in dense urban areas. The 71-76 GHz frequency band (also known as E-band) is particularly attractive to operators of all types due to zero interference environments and simplified regulations in many countries around the globe.