Intel and Samsung – Samsung is reportedly making 14nm CPUs for Intel as supply issues persist

Intel’s supply issues might be Samsung’s fortune

Rumor mill: It’s no secret that Intel has been having supply issues with 14nm CPUs that are also affecting its 10nm capacity. New reports indicate that the company has made a deal with Samsung to boost output in response to increased demand.

Intel may have taken its title back from Samsung as the world’s largest chip maker this year, but that doesn’t make things any easier for the company, especially now that AMD is on steroids and has managed to deliver 7nm desktop and workstation processors and even GPUs for the mainstream.

Despite posting record revenues through the third quarter, the company’s 14nm CPU supply issues persist and that has caused a production delay on its 10nm desktop parts. This is likely to benefit AMD, whose Ryzen CPUs are currently selling like hotcakes on Amazon.

But Intel isn’t sitting idle while its biggest rival slowly chips away at its marketshare. According to a South Korean media report first spotted by Sammobile, Intel has reached out to TSMC and Samsung to offload some of the production to their fabs to keep up with the higher-than-expected demand.

This isn’t new for Chipzilla, as it has tapped rival foundries like TSMC in the recent past for its consumer-grade CPUs.

According to the report, Samsung has reportedly locked in a big number of orders from Intel for 14nm chips, which is bringing some much-needed business to the Korean giant now that demand in the memory market is waning.