IPG Photonics launches ‘record- breaking’ ultra-compact laser series

Company has developed various improvements in performance on its flagship YLR fiber laser range.

IPG Photonics, a developer of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, has launched its YLR-U series near-infrared 1 ?m fiber lasers.

The company says the YLR-U series are “the world’s highest performance industrial-grade kilowatt-class continuous wave ytterbium fiber lasers,” adding, “With the smallest size and lowest weight in the industry, these lasers deliver unmatched performance in an ultra-compact form factor with a record power to volume ratio.”

This new fiber laser series, covered by several patents and patents pending, is available with CW power up to 4 kilowatts currently and 8 kilowatts in the near future. The YLR-U series includes what IPG describes as “a world first for rack-mounted mid power 1 ?m lasers” – the unrivalled combination of high CW power and an exclusive High Peak Power option.