Konka unveils the world’s first MicroLED smartwatch with up to 35 days battery life

The 2020 Chongqing Micro-LED Industry Innovation Forum and Konka Semiconductor Display Technology and Product Launch Conference was held in China. At the press conference, Li Hongtao, Vice President of Konka and Chairman of Chongqing Institute of Optoelectronics Technology, gave a speech and introduced the layout and achievements of Konka in the semiconductor industry. At the end of the conference, Konka released the world’s first Micro-LED watch.

According to details released by the company, the world’s first micro-LED watch uses a 2-inch microcrystalline screen with a glass substrate of only 0.12mm. The company says that its chip size is less than 30um, which is a true microLED product. In addition, its display driver uses the most advanced active low-temperature polysilicon semiconductor display technology, which has a very good display effect.

Furthermore, the screen of this watch can reach a maximum brightness of 1500nit, the color gamut can reach 147% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and the working temperature can reach-30 to 70 degrees, and the battery life can reach 35 days.

MicroLED uses self-emission backlight just like OLED panels, unlike the traditional LCD displays which require LED backlight modules to emit light through layers from behind to generate images.

Micro LED can achieve effects such as very high contrast, extremely deep blacks, and fast response time just like OLED. However, Micro LED has higher brightness and is more stable than OLED because of its inorganic nature.

A report from 2018 had revealed that Apple was working on using microLED for its smartwatch, AR device, and another unknown product. Although Konka didn’t reveal the manufacturer of the display used on its smartwatch, we suspect BOE. The Chinese display maker started mass producing its microLED panels last year.