Kroger launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Houston

Kroger, in partnership with California robotics company Nuro, has officially launched its autonomous grocery delivery service in Houston.

Residents in ZIP codes 77401 and 77096 will be able to shop online at their local Kroger at 10306 South Post Oak and have their groceries delivered home via an autonomous Prius vehicle, modified with LIDAR, cameras and sensors.

Kroger and Nuro soft-launched the service last week. A second Kroger store, 5150 Buffalo Speedway, will also offer the service later this year to residents living in ZIP codes 77005 and 77025.

Deliveries will cost $5.95. Customers using the autonomous delivery service will have to pick up their groceries from the vehicle curbside.

Kroger’s new service is the latest salvo in Houston’s competitive grocery market, which has seen major grocers H-E-B, Walmart and Amazon-Whole Foods investing heavily in new technologies to offer more convenience services to customers, such as home delivery and curbside pickup.