Laboratory equipment manufacturer Hamilton Bonaduz AG aquires Freiburg-based microfluidic technology company BioFluidix GmbH

The strategic acquisition joins two complementary companies: Hamilton Bonaduz AG, a family-owned company with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide, develops and manufactures dispensing systems and laboratory equipment for research and medical applications.

BioFluidix GmbH, with its patented microdispensing technologies, is also active in these industries, but is able to precisely dispense liquid volumes up to 1,000 times smaller. As a result, BioFluidix brings microfluidic technologies to the Hamilton that can lead to innovative products and contribute to further miniaturization in laboratory automation.

“We are pleased to add BioFluidiX to Hamilton, a company that can expand the product range to the nano and picolitre range. The trend is towards ever smaller volumes. Our technologies complement each other ideally, as previous joint projects have already shown,” says Dr. Martin Frey, CEO of Hamilton Bonaduz AG

BioFluidix GmbH was founded in 2005 by Professor Roland Zengerle, Professor Hermann Sandmaier and Dr. Peter Koltay on the basis of patents developed in collaboration between the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) at the Faculty of Engineering at the University Freiburg and Hahn-Schickard.

“With BioFluidix, we made the first attempt to transfer our research results into real products ourselves in 2005. We learned a great deal in the process and were able to keep improving the interplay between basic research and implementation,” recalls founder Roland Zengerle.

Peter Koltay took over as managing director for the first 10 years and established the company as a specialist in the field of microdosage technology through continuous, organic growth.

“Hamilton has been a role model for us as a leader within the industry from the very beginning. The medical technology company is therefore the ideal partner for me to successfully continue BioFluidix. I am also very happy for the employees of BioFluidix, who will have improved framework conditions within the Hamilton to be able to develop further here at the Freiburg site,” says Peter Koltay.

In 2015, Dr. Andreas Ernst, a former PhD student of Prof. Zengerle, took over the management, which he holds together with Dr. Nils Lass, another former PhD student. In the years that followed, they and the BioFluidix team were able to continuously increase both the degree of automation of the products and the turnover, so that BioFludix GmbH developed into a globally renowned specialist company.

“Hamilton became aware of our PipeJet technology several years ago, which resulted in several joint development projects. The chemistry was right from the start and we were able to achieve very good results together. We are therefore very pleased to now officially be part of the Hamilton family,” says Dr. Andreas Ernst, who will continue to share the company’s management together with Dr. Nils Lass.

BioFluidix is to be preserved and significantly expanded as an independent business unit and brand within the Hamilton. In addition, other Hamilton departments will be located in Freiburg at the Freiburg Innovation Center (FRIZ) on the campus of the Faculty of Engineering. The close contact with the 2,400 students and about 500 scientists there still offers a lot of potential for inspiration and innovation at the Campus Airport location.