LeddarTech integrates leddarvision software with ficosa technology to enable smart parking assistant

LeddarTech, a low-level sensor fusion and perception software technology provider for ADAS and AD systems, has successfully integrated its advanced LeddarVision software with Ficosa’s surround-view camera system – in addition to other sensors including radars, IMU and GPS. Ficosa works on the R&D, production and marketing of advanced vision, safety and efficiency solutions for the automotive sector.

LeddarVision is a high-performance sensor fusion and perception software stack that provides highly accurate 3D models of a vehicle’s surroundings. These are developed using raw data inputs from sensor systems. Integrating this software with Ficosa’s vision technology unlocks the full potential of this software to enable Ficosa’s smart parking assistant for ADAS and AD.

With a shared vision for autonomous vehicles, the two companies seek to strengthen their strategic collaboration by developing an intelligent parking assistance system that delivers a more detailed and precise perception of the surrounding environment.

Teams specializing in hardware and software will soon start to install the smart solution on a car in Israel to develop and demonstrate the capabilities of the smart parking assistance system. Once this stage of R&D is complete, two vehicles in Europe will be fitted with the solution.

“LeddarTech is very pleased to partner in this collaboration and celebrate the success of integrating our LeddarVision software and Ficosa vision technology,” commented Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “This relationship is driven by our commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology by delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance safety, efficiency and driver experiences. Our team is very excited to continue working with Ficosa on the next phase of the collaboration.”

“At Ficosa, we strive to contribute to building a safer, more comfortable and efficient mobility of the future for everyone,” added Josep Maria Forcadell, chief technology officer at Ficosa. “In this sense, this innovative, intelligent automatic parking assistant that combines the fusion of LeddarTech’s low-level sensor and perception capabilities and Ficosa’s surround-view camera system will have a significantly positive impact, providing even more detailed and accurate perception of the environment.”