LevitasBio raises $35M in serie C Financing

LevitasBio, a premier end-to-end sample processing and analysis provider to the life sciences market, announced it has completed Series C round financing of $35 million to advance its mission of providing powerful, industry methods of cellular analysis. 

The funding allows LevitasBio to accelerate its commercial success through the development of next generation high-throughput instruments for sample processing and analysis. For the first time ever, researchers using LevitasBio’s groundbreaking technology can examine, analyze and understand true biological signatures without altering, stressing, or damaging cells—all while preserving the original samples.

This new round of funding was led by Novalis Lifesciences with the participation of Pavilion Capital—a unit of Temasek Holdings Pte, an industry strategic investor, and was supported by existing investor Decheng Capital. 

This funding furthers our plans to become the benchmark platform for sample processing workflows,” stated Joe Walthers, LevitasBio VP of Finance. “Our existing life sciences and pharmaceutical development clients overwhelmingly validated the power and success of our technology.”

Novalis is excited to support LevitasBio as it transforms sample processing and analysis. This critical part of the workflow has stymied industry innovation and is underappreciated by the investment community,” said Paul Meister, Partner at Novalis LifeSciences. “We are impressed with LevitasBio’s unique solutions that have been commercialized thus far and, with our investment, will enable their revolutionary advancement of sample preparation and analysis that powers life science research.”

Over the last year LevitasBio expanded its impressive portfolio with multiple product developments:

  • LeviPrep—novel and empowering cold tissue dissociation kits
  • LeviSelect—specific surface marker enrichment assays
  • LeviCell EOS System—next generation sample processing platform with higher throughput and temperature control
  • LeviMetrics—integrated analysis software for real-time on-platform analysis

Martin Pieprzyk, CEO of LevitasBio, expounded that “Unlike current industry methods that induce alterations, stress or damage that mask the true biology of your sample, LevitasBio solutions preserve the key biological signatures that deliver the most viable and unaltered cells providing researchers clearer data for actionable insights. I believe LevitasBio is expertly positioned to become the de facto industry standard for cellular analysis.” 

LevitasBio—True Biology Begins Here
Our mission is to advance science and human health by providing researchers with new and powerful methods of cellular analysis. LevitasBio delivers the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years. Our proprietary label-free levitation technology enables researchers to rescue and achieve higher quality and quantity of cells without introducing bias, high pressure, or modifications to gene expression profiles, ensuring the integrity of downstream data and analysis is maintained.