LG 2017 OLED TV WiFi certification hint at possible 0.97 mm wallpaper TVs

The WiFi Alliance’s website appears to have leaked the model names and sizes of LG’s 2017 OLED TV line-up. They will, perhaps unsurprisingly, be named B7, C7, E7, and G7. More interestingly, LG has planned a new model called W7. There are no photos or specifications in the listings on the WiFi Alliance website, only model names. However, certain details can be deduced from the model names alone before LG officially unveils the 2017 OLED line-up.

LG 2017 OLED TVs

The successor to this year’s most affordable OLED TV, the B6 model, appears to be a new B7 that will be available in 55” (OLED55B7) and 65” (OLED65B7) sizes. The curved C6 will be replaced by a new C7 that will be available in 55” (OLED55C7) and 65” (OLED65C7) sizes.

Similarly, the flat E6 will be replaced by new 55” (OLED55E7) and 65” (OLED65E7) E7 models, and the flat G6 will be replaced by 65” (OLED65G7) and 77” (OLED77G7) G7 models.

There is no mention of OLED TVs smaller than 55” or larger than 77”.

Wallpaper OLED TV

The most interesting detail in the certification database is a new model called W7 that will be available in 65” (OLED65W7) and 77” (OLED65W7) sizes. We can of course only speculate at this point but it appears to be a new flagship OLED TV.

The Korean company has on several occasions exhibited its “wallpaper OLED TV” prototype; a paper-thin flexible display that be fitted to the wall using magnets. When FlatpanelsHD saw the prototype at LG’s headquarter in Seoul, South Korea, in November 2015, LG said that it was planning to start production in Q4 2016. Of course, plans can change and the W7 could refer to a different OLED model.

”We will unveil a new OLED TV with an exclusive hardware platform”
LG will not unveil the new OLED TV line-up until CES 2017 in January but the company has already commented publicly on the new TVs.

“Competition over OLED TVs will intensify starting next year. We will unveil a new OLED TV with an exclusive hardware platform, that only LG can produce, at the CES trade show in January next year,” LG told BusinessKorea in September 2016.

Besides introducing a new “hardware platform” – that could refer to a new form factor – LG told Korean media to expect advances in HDR picture quality.

“The yield of OLED products is improving and perfect black and perfect color technologies are continuously evolving. We will unveil our own hardware platform, advance the high dynamic range (HDR) technology and improve the contrast even in low color groups,” LG said.

We will learn more at CES 2017 in less than two months from now. FlatpanelsHD will be in Las Vegas.