LG Display and LG Chem jointly develop essential OLED material ‘p-Dopant’

LG Display, the innovator of display technologies, announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in self-developing a technology of a critical OLED material ‘p-Dopant’ with LG Chem.

LG Display and LG Chem have been collaborating on research and development for approximately 10 years and have now finally developed their own p-Dopant that matches the efficiency and performance of its imported counterparts. This is the result of realizing maximum synergy between LG Display, which is responsible for material design and performance verification, and LG Chem, which handles material synthesis and production.

Dopant is added in small amounts to the self-illuminating emissive layer of OLED displays to enhance component efficiency and color purity. p-Dopant plays an especially important role in elevating brightness efficiency and extending an OLED display’s lifespan, but since it rapidly degrades in ambient air, the industry widely regards it as the most challenging material in terms of technical complexity.

“LG Display has achieved several innovations which embodies a decade of OLED expertise, since becoming the first display maker to mass-product 55-inch OLED TV panels in 2013,” said Soo-young Yoon, CTO and Executive Vice President at LG Display. “This accomplishment is meaningful as it once again solidifies the technological competitiveness of LG Display’s OLED business.”

Given the growing demand for Tandem OLEDs, a groundbreaking two-stack OLED technology, the need to secure materials is increasing as multi-layered OLEDs require a significant amount of p-Dopant. Through its endless pursuit of innovation, LG Display has gained the capacity to lead the global OLED market by establishing a stable supply chain and securing its own game-changing patents.

This self-developed p-Dopant will be integrated into LG Display’s large-sized and small- and mid-sized OLED panels, with a systematic expansion plan regarding its wider application.

“LG Display strives to solidify its OLED technology and premium TV market leadership by continuously developing the most advanced materials, components, and equipment based on 10 years of mass-producing and innovating in the OLED space,” said Hyeon-woo Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Large Display Business Unit at LG Display.