LG to increase 48-inch OLED TV panel production to 1 million units in 2021

According to a new report from Korea, LG Display is enjoying high demand for its 48-inch OLED TV panels, especially from gamers, and the company aims to expand its production of such panels.

LGD currently produces the panels at its new Guangzhou OLED TV fab, in which it uses one 8.5-Gen glass plate to produce two 77-inch panels and two 48-inch panels. It now plans to start making 48-inch displays in its Paju OLED TV fab, where it will cut one 8.5-Gen plate to 8 48-inch panels.

It is estimated that LGD will ship over one million 48-inch panels this year, up from 220,000 in 2020.

Interestingly, the high demand for 48-inch panels caused an unusual situation where sometimes 55-inch OLED TVs cost less than a 48-inch OLED TV of the same model – because TV makers are offering discounts for the 55-inch models but not the 48-inch ones.