Longsys released its first enterprise SSDs

Longsys recently released two enterprise SSDs, including the Longsys ORCA 4836 series NVMe SSD that supports PCIe 4.0 and the Longsys UNCIA 3836 series SATA 3.2 SSD. This is the first time that Longsys has released enterprise SSDs since it has been engaged in the storage industry for 23 years, adding new members to its product portfolio.

Longsys has been investing a lot of R&D resources in architecture design, firmware design, package substrate design, testing technologies, and other fields of storage chips. It has withstood the long-term market testing and accumulated a number of independent and controllable software and hardware technologies in automotive-grade, industrial-grade, and consumer-grade storage and memory products. Longsys will make use of core technologies, high-quality customer resources, brand value, and other existing advantages to seize development opportunities and reach high-end storage markets.

Longsys Is Actively Tapping the Enterprise Data Storage Market

The development and application of technologies such as cloud computing and edge computing are of great significance to the development of the integrated circuit industry. Innovations in such technologies can facilitate the application of various storage chips and help enterprises improve their efficiency in processing increasingly complex and intensive data. Consequently, the enterprise SSD has become an indispensable choice.

In recent years, Longsys has been actively exploring enterprise data storage products and high-end storage solutions for the industry. Driven by research and development technologies, the company improves the storage experience of users continuously. In the future, Longsys will continue to leverage the power of independent innovation, cooperate with upstream and downstream partners, and jointly promote the progress of enterprise data storage technologies and products to achieve the vision of “everything for memory”.