LSLiDAR’s image-grade 1550nm LiDAR ‘LS Series’ is now available for automotive OEMs, taking vehicle safety to a new height

LSLiDAR, the world’s leading 3D sensing solution provider, launched its new LS series 1550nm fiber laser automotive-grade LiDAR (hereafter referred to as LS series) at the China International Automotive Industry Annual Conference.

LS series is designed to meet long-range and high-resolution sensing requirements in high-way ADAS L3+ applications. Equipped with in-house fiber laser design, the LS series could deliver unrivaled performance and achieve best-in-class affordability all in a compact form factor.

LS series Product Highlights

  • 500m Superior Ranging Capability, 250m@10% Reflectivity
    Compared to conventional 905nm laser, the 1550nm platform is more than 10,000 times safer for the human eye, allowing for increased peak pulse power reaching longer detection distances while maintaining eye safety. Intelligent driving systems can now detect smaller objects sooner at high speeds.
  • Ultra-Dense Point Cloud, Image-Grade Resolution
    LS series provides industry-leading resolution enabling the vehicle systems to identify potential road hazards earlier. LS series have 128-line, 256-line and 512-line configurations generating 1.6 million pts/sec, 3.2 million pts/sec, and 6.4 million pts/sec respectively.
  • Customized ROI for Ultra-Fine Detection
    LS series have a FOV of 120°(V) x 25°(H). LS series 128-line has a standard resolution of 0.09°(H) x 0.2°(V). With Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 512 lines, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.05°. And  LS series 256-line has a standard resolution of 0.09°(H) x 0.1°(V). With Region of Interest (ROI) feature enabled, equivalent to 800 lines, the angular resolution can reach as little as 0.03°. LS series can be great for seeing small objects at long distances.
  • 45mm Ultra-Slim Body for Streamlined Roof Integration
    LS series overall dimension is 225x120x45mm which is 20% smaller than comparable products on market today. Vehicles integrated with LS series LiDAR would have improved overall asthetics and lower fuel (battery) consumption.
    LSLiDAR Receives the Highest Grade Of Automotive Functional Safety Process ASIL D Certification. Click the link to learn more:
  • Affordable In-House 1550nm Fiber Laser, Helps Make Driving Safer Today
    The core component of every 1550nm LiDAR is fiber laser, which accounts for more than 70% of the total cost. If such great technology cannot be manufactured at scale and made available to automakers at a reasonable price, those few early ADAS adapters that overcame the initial vehicle sticker price could still be slapped with high system repair costs down the road. So how could we bring safer cars to the masses? Mr. Xiaobo (Bernard) Hu, the founder of LSLiDAR, has the answer. Widely known as the “Godfather of Fiber Laser” in the industry, Bernard brings over 20 years of design and volume manufacturing know-how in optoelectronics, fiber laser and fiber sensing applications. Under his leadership, the team spent three years in-house to research and produce the special fiber laser core, more than ten kinds of high-power fiber components and special automatic equipment for the production of LS series fiber laser, which not only guarantee the high performance and reliability of the finished sensors, but also reduces cost of ownership for consumers. Imagine replacing a safety LiDAR is as easy (and as affordable) as replacing a tire during scheduled maintenance.

LS series image-grade 1550nm LiDAR is now available to automotive OEM customers worldwide. LS series is designed for full lineup ADAS applications. Additional configurations are available with detection range up to 2000m.