Lynred delivers first flight model IR detectors to Airbus for integration into weather satellite instrument METimage, onboard MetOp-SG

SMWIR and LVWIR detectors will be integrated into METimage instrument that will gather cloud, aerosol and Earth surface temperature data

Lynred, a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality infrared technologies for aerospace, defense and commercial markets, announces the delivery of the first flight model IR detectors to Airbus Defence and Space for the MetOP-SG project, a next-generation weather satellite mission. 

Developed by Airbus under the responsibility of the Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR – German Aerospace Center) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, the three flight units of the innovative METimage weather instrument will be onboard the MetOp-Second Generation satellites; the first of which is scheduled to launch in 2023.

Lynred will deliver two infrared (IR) detectors: SMWIR (short- and mid-wavelength) and LVWIR (long- and very long-wavelength), for integration in the METimage instrument.

This multispectral imaging radiometers instrument will generate information about clouds, aerosols, the Earth’s surface and their respective temperatures in 20 channels, from visible to infrared wavelengths (443 nanometers to 13.3 micrometers). Lynred’s IR detectors will cover 13 of the 20 channels: seven channels in the short- and mid-wavelengths with the SMWIR detector, six in the long- and very long-wavelengths with the LVWIR one.

The large number of channels is necessary to feed the predictive models, so that they can generate the required meteorological information.

The selection of Lynred for the METimage instrument is due to its high-level expertise and capability to design, produce and deliver space-grade IR detectors within the specified timeframes.

Lynred is very proud to deliver these two flights models, given the challenging context of this program: a demanding schedule together with requirements for exceptionally high-level performance, particularly for the long wavelength range IR detectors,” said Philippe Chorier, space business development manager at Lynred. “Our continued success in delivering products of space-grade quality to meet the high expectations of space equipment makers is the result of having extensive experience working in space applications, high-level IR designs and proven manufacturing expertise from SWIR up to the VLWIR range. Customers building space equipment can rely on us.”