Macom Technology Solutions in the US is to acquire the wafer fab assets and operations of Ommic in Paris for just €38.5 million.

The company currently operates a 3-inch wafer production line and has recently installed, but is not currently using, a 6-inch line for Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) compound semiconductors.

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Ommic has expertise in wafer fabrication, epitaxial growth and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) processing and design. It has a 40 year heritage in material science, semiconductor wafer processing and MMIC design. The manufacturing capabilities support multiple European Space Agency (ESA) qualified semiconductor processes and products.

Macom sees Ommic’s portfolio of high frequency MMIC products and its design capability helping to address microwave applications in the telecommunications, industrial and aerospace and defense markets.

“We are excited to acquire a new engineering and manufacturing facility located in France,” stated Stephen G. Daly, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The acquisition of Ommic is expected to enable us to further increase our focus on the European markets, expand our wafer production capability and extend our product offerings to higher millimeter-wave frequencies, which are all in line with our long-term strategy. We believe that combining Ommic’s technology and manufacturing capability with Macom’s scale and market presence will be a driver of long-term growth and profitability.”

The purchase price of approximately will be funded with cash-on-hand and includes real estate and all associated facilities. The transaction is expected to close during MACOM’s fiscal second quarter of 2023.