Major order in Asia for a RIBER MBE 49 production system

RIBER, the global leader for Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) equipment serving the semiconductor industry, is announcing the sale of an MBE 49 production system in Asia.

An Asian industrial customer recently ordered an MBE 49 machine to enhance its production capacity for GaAs photodiode devices and optical amplifiers based on quantum dot lasers.

GaAs photonic and radio-frequency components are gaining significant importance in the MBE market, especially with the rise of high-volume applications in 3D detection, leading to a shift in the supply chain towards 6-inch substrates.

The MBE 49 production system offers compatibility with the 6-inch substrate manufacturing process and features optimized, uniform and stable effusion cells along with efficient cracking cells for the manufacture of photonic and electronic components from III-V elements. The MBE 49 is a fully automated system with a proven track record of more than 30 years, benefiting from customized control through Crystal XE software developed by RIBER.

With more than 55 machines sold worldwide, the MBE 49 system is recognized as one of the most efficient multi-wafer thin-film deposition platforms for developping electronic applications based on compound semiconductors.

This order will be delivered in 2025.