Marvell and AWS collaborate to enable cloud-first silicon design

Marvell selects AWS services and global infrastructure to rapidly scale its electronic design automation (EDA) in the cloud to deliver its silicon solutions

AWS leverages Marvell data center silicon designed specifically to help meet the needs of customers’ demanding, business-critical workloads

Marvell Technology, a leader in data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, announced that it has selected Amazon Web Services, (AWS) as its cloud provider for electronic design automation (EDA). A cloud-first approach helps Marvell to rapidly and securely scale its service on the cloud, rise to the challenges brought by increasingly complex chip design processes, and deliver continuous innovation for the expanding needs across the automotive, carrier, data center, and enterprise infrastructure markets it serves. The work extends the longstanding relationship between the two companies—Marvell is also a key semiconductor supplier for AWS, helping the company support the design and rapid delivery of cloud services that best meet customers’ demanding requirements.

EDA refers to the specialized and compute-intensive processes used in chip making and is a critical piece of Marvell’s R&D. Over the years, the number of transistors on an integrated chip has increased exponentially. Each advance in chip design calls for a calculated application of software modules overseeing logic design, debugging, component placement, wire routing, optimization of time and power consumption, and verification. Due to the computationally intensive nature of EDA workloads, it is no longer cost-effective or timely to run EDA on premises. By powering its EDA with AWS, Marvell leverages an unmatched portfolio of services including secure, elastic, high-performance compute capacity in the cloud to solve challenges around speed, latency, security of IP, and data transfer.

Marvell is a strategic supplier to AWS, delivering cloud-optimized silicon that helps meet the infrastructure needs of AWS customers, including the delivery of electro-optics, networking, security, storage, and custom-designed solutions. Marvell’s early leadership in essential silicon technologies helps AWS push the boundaries of inside-the-data-center storage, connectivity and networking, while positioning it for growth. With this boost in data center performance, AWS customers can drive efficiencies, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

“Our customers have benefitted from our collaboration with Marvell, as they bring silicon innovation to the broadest and deepest set of cloud services,” said David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS. “Now, by transforming its EDA with a cloud-first approach, Marvell will advance chip design for its customers by harnessing virtually infinite compute capacity while continuing to stay ahead of increasing complexity in chip design.”

“Performing EDA workloads in the cloud will transform the way semiconductors are developed. By utilizing AWS’s EDA in the cloud services, Marvell will be able to optimize our chip developments and accelerate our time to market,” said Raghib Hussain, president of products and technologies at Marvell. “This collaboration will help scale our industry-leading data infrastructure platform to address AWS’s needs and the requirements for other customers.”