MBio Diagnostics and Brava Diagnostics merge

MBio Diagnostics, a company transforming point-of-care diagnostics with its next generation LightDeck® platform, announced a merger with Brava Diagnostics. MBio Diagnostics is the innovator of the proprietary LightDeck platform that delivers lab-quality, highly sensitive results in minutes. Brava will operate as the human in vitro diagnostics division of MBio, where they will develop a portfolio of point-of-care tests where lab-quality results are vital in making time-critical decisions. Product development programs are underway in COVID-19, host-response biomarkers and cardiac markers.

MBio Diagnostics has built strong relationships with scientists within government agencies, including BARDA, DARPA, NIH and others. Grants in excess of $25 million have funded feasibility, product development and clinical studies in sepsis, host-response and environmental testing. MBio has commercialized the LightDeck platform in water testing and veterinary medicine through its exclusive partner, Heska. The Company plans to continue to scale manufacturing to support both its license partners and Brava products.

Brava originally licensed the LightDeck platform in November 2018 to develop and commercialize diagnostic tests in the acute care field. The MBio and Brava teams pivoted resources in April to develop a multiplex COVID-19 Antibody Panel, and plan to commercialize this test under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization later this summer. In addition, development is ongoing for a next generation test for heart attack: a high-sensitivity troponin test for the emergency department.

MBio CEO Chris Myatt commented, “Merging the companies will allow us to pursue a much larger market opportunity at a much faster pace than either of us could individually. The two teams bring together complementary skill sets and experience. We are thrilled to have the Brava team join the MBio family.”

Byron Hewett, President of Brava Diagnostics, stated, “We were excited by the capabilities of the LightDeck platform from the start. It has the potential to deliver lab-quality performance where speed truly matters. We are looking forward to achieving great things with the MBio team for patients and the providers who care for them.”

About MBio Diagnostics
MBio Diagnostics is the innovator of the proprietary point-of care LightDeck® platform that delivers highly sensitive, lab-quality results in minutes. The LightDeck platform consists of a robust, portable fluorescence analyzer and disposable, multiplex test cartridges. The test procedure is simple, enabling untrained users to perform testing on-the-spot. Brava Diagnostics, the IVD division of MBio, is developing a portfolio of multiplex tests including panels for COVID-19, host-response panels for acute infections and sepsis and panels of cardiac markers for heart attack and heart failure. The LightDeck platform is also commercialized for veterinary diagnostics and for environmental testing.