Merck advances bioprocessing capabilities with 785nm Raman technology sensor acquisition

Enables real-time monitoring and process control. Combination of tailored software with Raman sensor technology brings unique offering to BioContinuum™ Platform

Supports company’s vision to deliver connected and continuous manufacturing Darmstadt,

Merck, a science and technology company, enhanced its advanced bioprocess portfolio through the acquisition of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems, a Meylan, France-based leader in bioprocess analytical monitoring. The company offers Raman spectroscopy analysis through its GMP-ready instrumentation and software. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. “This acquisition supports our vision of delivering intensified, connected and continuous bioprocessing,” said Andrew Bulpin, head of Process Solutions, Life Science, at Merck. “Raman measurement technology, coupled with the software to analyze and manage the generated data, allows us to offer unique and integrated solutions to help our customers optimize their bioprocesses.” Christophe Bonneville, co-founder of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems, added, “This acquisition validates our common strategy to support Process Analytical Technology implementation as a key element of biopharmaceutical industry digitalization.” RESOLUTION Spectra Systems specializes in bioprocessing monitoring sensors based on Raman technology, which:

  • Provide real-time monitoring and process control.
  • Measure broad range of bioprocessing parameters, including glucose, lactate, viable cell density and other process-related impurities.
  • Monitor all parameters simultaneously with a single probe.

This acquisition supports Merck’s recently launched Bio4C™ Software Suite, a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that combines process control, analytics and plant-level automation. The Bio4C™ Software Suite is the latest component of Merck’s expanding BioContinuum™ Platform, which allows for the convergence of intensified process and digital technologies to advance process speed, quality and flexibility, while reducing cost. Raman technology’s bioprocess monitoring sensors complement the “collect” dimension of the Bio4C™ Software Suite, as it provides real-time process analytics across multiple critical process parameters via in-line measurement. By combining these Raman technology sensors with the software to manage the data that they provide, Merck is able to offer unique and integrated bioprocessing capabilities. The acquisition of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems enhances Merck’s ability to provide advanced process analytical technologies across its bioprocess portfolio, another critical step toward enabling the biomanufacturing facility of the future.