Merck to invest 600 Million Euros in South Korea

Merck decided to invest approximately 600 million euros in South Korea until 2025. The investment is expected to be used to expand production of semiconductor and OLED materials and enhance R&D capabilities.

Dr. Kai Beckmann, head of the electronics business sector of Merck, is currently staying in South Korea, looking around the company’s research and production facilities. He is scheduled to have a meeting with Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Moon Sung-wook on Oct. 8.

Merck has already made a lot of investment in South Korea, which is home to leaders in the global semiconductor and display industries. For example, it opened its Korea Advanced Technology Center in June last year for intensive research in the semiconductor sector. In addition, it is expanding rinse solution production facilities regarding EUV lithography.

In the display sector, Merck signed a business agreement with Gyeonggi Province in October last year. According to the agreement, the company is going to invest at least 20 million euros in Pyeongtaek in order to expand LCD test component and OLED material plants.