metaEye™ ultra-compact metalens camera for eye-tracking

NIL Technology (NILT), a leader in advanced
optical solutions, is announcing metaEyeTM an ultracompact metalens-based camera
with applications for eye-tracking, smart locks, biometrics, SLAM and ubiquitous sensing
across a range of applications including gaming, presence detection, and smart
appliances. This revolutionary metalens camera uses a patent-pending lens
architecture only possible with metalenses to deliver an ultra-compact form factor, good
performance, and environmental robustness.

“This transformative metaEyeTM design concept truly reveals the power of metalenses
and will set new standards in the field of compact cameras and Rx modules for
sensing and machine vision applications,”
says Ulrich Quaade, Head of Optics

The metaEyeTM lens stack consists of meta-surfaces, apertures, anti-reflection coatings,
and a bandpass filter integrated into a single cube. This lens cube can be bonded
directly onto the cover-glass of the image-sensor, which makes for simple camera
module assembly. The lens cube has an aggressive total track length of 1.7 mm. The
metaEyeTM lens matches the sensor CRA curve, leading to good light capture across the

entire field of view and delivers good on-axis and off-axis MTF performance with light-
emitting-diode (LED) illumination at 850 nm.

metaEyeTM camera uses OMNIVISION’s OG0TB1B sensor with a pixel size of 2.2 microns
and pixel array of 400×400. The camera module is barrel-free and measures 1.64 mm
(width) x 1.64 mm (length) x 2.2 mm (height), including the sensor-CSP, lens, and the flex

PCB. The metaEyeTM module can be shipped on tape-and-reel, handled by a pick-and-
place machine, and mounted onto the PCB using SMT reflow.

Eye-tracking application: NILT’s ultra-compact camera can be designed for numerous
applications. NILT has chosen to optimize this design for application in eye-tracking
and iris recognition. Images and video captured with this metacube camera show high
contrast and good resolution across the entire field of view when illuminated with an
LED operating at 850 nm. The camera module operates over a large depth-of-field,
making for good user experience. NILT will be demonstrating the metaEyeTM camera at
SPIE Photonics West 2024.

For inquiries, please contact Brian Orr, VP Sales, at
“OMNIVISION is a leader in BSI global-shutter sensors for compact cameras. We are
pleased to support NIL Technology as they announce metaEyeTM. The OMNIVISION
OG0TB1B sensor with NILT’s pioneering metalens architecture has an ultra-compact form
factor and excellent performance, which addresses the needs of AR|VR|MR, and adjacent
markets in automotive, smart-appliances, IoT, and computer vision,”
said Devang Patel,
marketing director for the IoT and emerging segment, OMNIVISION

“This pioneering metaEyeTM lens, which integrates meta-surfaces, apertures, BPF, and
ARC, is a significant innovation in metalens architecture. It is made possible by NILT’s
vertical integration where we have design, mastering, and wafer-level-assembly
working closely to maximize the overall performance”
says Brian Bilenberg, Founder
and EVP Technology of NILT.