Metalenz and Dilusense partner to revolutionize the optics and performance of structured light sensing systems

Metalenz, the world leader in metasurface optics, and Chinese 3D sensing system supplier Dilusense, announced that they have partnered to bring the unrivaled performance and small form factor of Metalenz meta-optics to the next generation of Smartlocks and Payment Kiosks to enable ultra-secure facial recognition. The Smartlocks are designed for high-end residential and commercial building access solutions, and the Payment Kiosks will be used by retailers and in vending machines across China, enabling ultra-secure biometric facial authentication in compact form factors.

Secure facial authentication solutions use traditional cameras to recognize a user’s face, and then take an additional 3D infrared image to authenticate the user against pre-registered biometric credentials. Using structured light, the 3D sensing system creates a point cloud made up of more than 30,000 individual dots and then measures pattern distortion to compute facial contours unique to everyone. As the optical sensor in this system, Metalenz’s “Orion” meta-optic dot projector delivers unparalleled dot-contrast, pattern precision, and diffraction efficiency, improving the performance and increasing the security of the system.

The new generation of Dilusense’s 3D sensing solutions provides secure and accurate biometric recognition performance, as well as convenient access. The meta-optics are custom-designed by Metalenz and are mass-produced by UMC in its 12″ wafer fab in Singapore as part of Metalenz’s newly established direct-to-OEM supply chain.

“As one of the most innovative 3D sensing system suppliers for IoT devices and consumer electronics, we continuously invest in product development, focusing on safety, efficiency, and technological innovation,” said Shi Lei, VP of Product, Sales, and Marketing at Dilusense. “Our partnership with Metalenz combines their optical technology with our full-stack product development capabilities to bring the market our most advanced 3D sensing solutions.”

“We are thrilled to have Dilusense, 3D sensing solution providers, as our first OEM customer to leverage the unique performance of metasurface optics,” said Lars Johnsson, VP of Product, Sales, and Marketing at Metalenz. “The partnership between Dilusense and Metalenz heralds a new era in 3D sensing as it is the first time that the breakthrough capabilities of metasurface optics are commercialized in 3D structured light sensing systems, and this milestone will accelerate the proliferation of our meta-optics in the growing 3D sensing market.”