Metalenz and Vertilite unveil “Starlight” projector for structured light applications using a new meta-optic

meta-optics provider Metalenz and VCSEL supplier Vertilite, announced their cooperation on a new, open market structured light projector at the CIOE tradeshow in Shenzhen, China. The Starlight projector consists of a new, wide field pseudorandom dot pattern meta-optic from Metalenz (“Orion 18K”) paired with a pseudorandom VCSEL from Vertilite (“Dolphin”). The Starlight projector is the most compact, high performance, low cost structured light solution available for 3D sensing systems, catering to a range of applications including face authentication for smartphones, contactless access control, security, gesture recognition, obstacle avoidance, and automotive in-cabin monitoring. 

The Starlight projector generates ~18,000 dots in a pseudorandom pattern at 940nm, using the Orion 18k meta-optic to collimate and diffract the light coming from 391 VCSEL emitters arranged in a pseudorandom array. The Orion 18k meta-optic dot pattern provides class power per dot with high contrast, making it suitable for use under any indoor/outdoor lighting conditions. Additionally, the Orion 18K meta-optic provides superior pattern precision, a very large field of illumination and is reflowable and stable at extended operating temperatures. Vertilite’s Dolphin, a 1.5 watt 940nm pseudorandom pattern VCSEL array, is an ideal solution for structured light and active stereo vision 3D sensing applications. View STARLIGHT Sellsheet.

“We are excited to launch the Starlight structured light projector together with Vertilite. The unique performance advantages of our meta-optics combined with the power and efficiency of Vertilite’s VCSEL create a structured light projector that is available to any OEM or system integrator to bring better, brighter, 3D sensing solutions to market.” Lars Johnsson, VP of Product, Sales, and Marketing, Metalenz.

“We are delighted to partner with metasurface optics supplier Metalenz to deliver a new Structured Light projector that provides superior performance and is ready for worry-free integration. We believe the Starlight projector will further accelerate our market share growth in areas like biometric authentication, contactless access control, and robotics.” Ryan Rao, CPO, Vertilite.