The intelligent ecology is upgraded again! Nezha Automobile and NVIDIA, the leader in artificial intelligence computing, started cooperation. Nezha will be equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin in-vehicle computing platform, and will continue to pay attention to the introduction of the Thor chip integrated in the cabin and drive, and continue to improve the AI ​​intelligence level of Nezha’s entire vehicle. Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of Nezha Auto, and Liu Tong, general manager of NVIDIA’s China Automotive Division, signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the two companies at the Tongxiang All-ecological Smart Factory of Nezha Auto to witness this milestone moment together.

Nezha Auto-NVIDIA will adhere to the strategic goal of “deeply integrate the car and the core, create a new height of smart cars, and jointly build a new open ecosystem“, give full play to their respective advantages in R&D design and system application, and jointly define the vehicle central supercomputer. Computing platforms and AI chips with large computing power, and simultaneously promote the transformation of chip application results, promote the continuous development of the smart car industry, and bring users a newer travel experience that is smarter, safer and more personalized.

Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of Nezha Automobile, said: “NVIDIA, as a AI chip company, constantly refreshes the computing power of intelligent driving chips. Nezha Automobile is in a new stage of upward development, and insisting that technological innovation is one of the biggest boosters. The cooperation with NVIDIA is an important deployment of the two parties in the era of new energy vehicles. The close cooperation between the two parties in the field of large computing power chips for smart car supercomputing platforms will vigorously promote Nezha Auto to accurately develop smart cars and improve smart technologies for the Global users bring a smart travel experience.”

Liu Tong, general manager of NVIDIA’s China Automotive Business Unit, said, “AI is critical to building the safest and most advanced future cars. The combination of the high performance of the DRIVE Orin platform and Nezha’s R&D capabilities will provide driving opportunities for driving. Crews bring a new safe driving experience and a feature-rich cockpit interaction experience.”


The high-performance AI chip is the central brain of the intelligent vehicle, which can provide large computing power support for high-level intelligent driving, digital cockpit, etc. The NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-level chip that Nezha’s new cars will be equipped with will use a new GPU and a 12-core ARM CPU. The single-chip computing power is as high as 254 Tops (254 trillion operations per second), which is about the computing power of most mainstream chips. 10 times, with typical power consumption as low as 45W. The Orin chip, which takes into account large computing power and low power consumption, will empower Nezha cars and bring users a higher-level intelligent travel experience.

Focus on a win-win situation in the smart ecosystem and continue to deepen cooperation. For high-level autonomous driving, Nezha Auto and NVIDIA will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation on the central supercomputing platform under the new EE architecture. Zhang Yong further said: “At present, Nezha Auto is developing a new generation of central computing EE architecture core technology and model products to further improve the intelligence and safety level of the vehicle. In the development of Nezha XPC central computing platform, Nezha Auto is looking forward to NVIDIA The powerful computing performance of the DRIVE Thor chip and the advanced architecture of the cockpit and driver will continue to provide the most powerful, stable and reliable central computing power for Nezha automotive products.”

Nezha Auto is one of the representative car companies of the new car-making power. In September 2022, the sales volume reached 18,005 units, ranking first in the monthly sales of the new power for the third consecutive month, a year-on-year increase of 134%. Since its establishment, Nezha Auto has adhered to the original intention of “building cars for the people” and the value of “equal rights in science and technology“, promoting the continuous evolution of electric vehicles, and striving to make high-quality smart electric vehicles within reach. As of September, Nezha Auto has launched Nezha S, Nezha U, Nezha V and other models, with a cumulative delivery of over 200,000 units.