New MEMS factory at Seoul Precision Optics (SPO)

Positioned for High End product such as Wafer level Optics, Micro-Optics, Optical MEMS and Cap wafer(for wafer level packaging) which can be applied to the Fiber Optics(Optical communication), 3D sensing, Lidar, Laser-Diode, VR, Motion, Pressure, Temperature sensor and Microbolometer, etc..

Courtesy of Seoul Precision Optics, 2022

SPO is equipped for future growth. After almost a year of Preparation, the company has expanded to its new, significantly advanced building near by 20km from Yongin Headquarter.

Courtesy of Seoul Precision Optics, 2022

MEMS equipment for Key technologies such as Track with spray coater, Etcher, stepper, wet-station and all the measuring equipment mostly for wafer level product have been prepared in the place after the internal optimization.

In the new factory, All process from incoming inspection to final packaging will be conducted in the cleanroom with 10 -100 Class for the customer’s high surface quality requirement.

Courtesy of Seoul Precision Optics, 2022

And the advanced measurement tool such as laser 3D scope and AOI(Automated optical inspection) will be in charge of the inspection to guarantee the specification so that the customer can save their workload at the incoming inspection.

SPO product

Patterned and 3D etched wafer with infrared optical coating.