Next-generation automotive interior sensing solution from Smart Eye and Omnivision

Interior sensing AI and driver monitoring system (DMS) software producer Smart Eye and Omnivision, a developer of semiconductor solutions, have announced their jointly developed smart solution for accurate automotive interior sensing.

The solution utilizes Smart Eye’s algorithms for interior sensing AI and Omnivision’s next-generation RGB-IR BSI global shutter (GS) sensor for in-cabin and occupant monitoring systems (IMS and OMS) to deliver automotive OEMs with interior sensing functions. The solution is fully compliant with General Safety Regulations (GSR) and Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) requirements.

The GS sensor from Omnivision is said to benefit from the smallest 2.2-micron pixel and highest 940nm near-infrared (NIR) sensitivity in its class. The company’s solution enables single-LED designs, as opposed to two to four LEDs. This reduces power consumption, size and cost. Additionally, glow is also reduced and kept to a minimum thanks to the company’s Nyxel NIR technology. The technology uses novel silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to achieve the world’s highest quantum efficiency for DMS of 36% at the invisible 940nm NIR light wavelength. This helps to deliver the clearest driver images for use by AI software algorithms. Small pixels and a-CSP package further reduce camera module size.

“Interior sensing requires sensors that offer high-end performance in complex environments,” said Detlef Wilke, vice president of automotive solutions, Smart Eye. “As the next generation of cars are brought to higher levels of autonomy, the innovative interior sensing capabilities enabled by these advanced technologies will be in high demand from automotive OEMs. This longstanding partnership with Omnivision positions us to meet the needs of the industry both, and in the future.”

“GSR and Euro NCAP regulations will put added requirements on sensing capabilities for IMS, DMS and OMS,” said Andy Hanvey, director of automotive marketing at Omnivision. “The next-generation pixel meets these requirements and only requires one LED. When combined with Smart Eye’s cutting-edge algorithm, this is a compelling solution for automotive OEMs.”