NextInput introduces software-defined button solution for mobile phones

NextInput, the leader in MEMS-based sensing solutions, announced its latest innovation of a software-defined button solution for Mobile platforms. The patent pending system-level solution, based on the NX-10000, eliminates false positives to deliver the most robust virtual button interface under any use case.

With the advent of “foldable”, “rollable”, waterfall screen and composite material handsets, Mobile manufacturers need a new solution to eliminate mechanical buttons from their industrial designs. The existing sensing technologies such as capacitive touch, ultrasonic, and strain gauges can partially meet the need but all lack the ability to accurately discern an intentional touch from an accidental one. The NX-10000’s advanced capabilities can accurately determine the user’s intent and exact input location as defined by the OEM, while remaining highly responsive to real events and rejecting false triggers such as light touch, placed in pocket, and twist and bend of the handset.

NextInput is breaking barriers again, bringing yet another innovative solution to the market,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “We are enabling the next generation of industrial designs in mobile phones by displacing mechanical switches with virtual buttons. NextInput offers the only solution for keyless devices that eliminates false positives, recognizes intent, is highly robust, and offers touch location information.”

The mobile handset proof-of-concept is available for demonstration to key customers. The NX-10000 device will be in mass production in 2H-2021.