Nichia set to begin Micro LED certification for large-size displays

Japan-based Nichia has undertaken R&D of Micro LED for more than 10 years and is poised to begin the process of certification for large-size display solutions, with are likely to be commercialized in 2017, according to president Dai Zhen-jia for Nichia Taiwan.

Nichia plans to apply Micro LED chips to large-size displays initially, and then TVs, monitors and notebooks, and finally smartphones, Dai said. This is because 30-50-micron Micro LED chips are suitable for large-size displays, but sizes should be reduced to 30-micron for TV, monitor and notebook applications, Dai explained.

Nichia is currently able to produce 30-50-micron Micro LED chips, Dai indicated, and aims to reduce sizes to below 10-micron. The company is targeting 3-micron for smartphone applications, but there are many technological difficulties to overcome, Dai added.