NIL Technology announces the first demonstration of advanced single surface DOE fan-out that eliminates the need for separate collimator optics

 NIL Technology (NILT), a leader in advanced optical solutions, is announcing state-of-art results of a single-surface diffractive optical element (DOE). NILT has designed and fabricated a single-surface DOE fan-out that eliminates the need for separate collimator optics and provides high-quality performance. The DOE eliminates the need for collimator optics between the VCSEL light source and the fan-out element, and facilitates a simpler assembly process, among other things. This innovation will transform 3D sensing applications. The underlying DOE technology is already proven in mass production of more than 30 million units.

The breakthrough result follows previous announcements on side-by-side functionalities and high efficiency DOEs. NILT is committed to continuously advancing projection optics for 3D sensing. Now, NILT has integrated the fan-out and collimation function into a single optical die. The DOE fan-out demonstrates high uniformity, enables high efficiency single-function diffractive optics, and delivers multiple functionalities such as diffusor and fanout side by side.

The next generation of highly advanced DOEs

The single surface DOE platform is a unique demonstration of NILT’s next generation DOE technology applicable for 3D sensing, LiDAR, and machine vision applications targeting consumer electronics, industrial, IoT, medical, and automotive markets. The technology platform is versatile and can be customized to specific application needs. It can incorporate multiple use-cases to compact and efficient size, weight, and power solutions. The current system is demonstrated at 940 nm and can be scaled to SWIR. It is also compatible with integration and use of eye-safety features.

Unique internal capabilities enable rapid DOE prototyping

NILT’s DOE platform is made possible through in-house proprietary design algorithms, unique mastering capabilities and wafer-level replication processes. The vertical integration enables rapid prototyping which helps our customers quickly find the technology-product fit while eliminating the need for complex and capital-intensive CMOS fab processing. 

A DOE platform with unmatched advancement 

The NILT DOE platform is unmatched in advancement to other solutions in the market. The ability to provide multiple functionalities in a single DOE speaks to NILT’s state-of-the-art design capabilitiessays Ulrich Quaade, Head of Optics at NILT.

 “Our long history in high-precision nanostructuring using our mastering technology and nano replication has given us a unique platform to realize optical designs in a mass production setup that has not been feasible until now. We control everything in-house, from design to shipment of the products, and can design optical solutions to meet our customer specifications,” says Theodor Nielsen, CEO and founder of NILT.

NILTs nano-optics platform

The DOE platform from NILT is ready to be produced and delivered to customers’ specifications. Samples are ready now. In addition to the DOE technology and product platform, NILT also offers custom design meta-optics solutions using meta optical elements, and technology for manufacturing of diffractive waveguides for AR displays.