NIO and Hisense to cooperate on several NEV-related businesses

Hisense and Shanghai NIO Automobile (hereinafter referred to as “NIO”) signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement. With their respective advantages, they have carried out many fields in the fields related to the new energy vehicle industry (including vehicle air conditioners, vehicle thermal management systems, intelligent transportation, vehicle-road coordination, new display and multimedia technology products, etc.), overseas market expansion, and centralized procurement of home appliances. Industry, all-round strategic cooperation. Jia Shaoqian, president of Hisense, Dai Huizhong, senior vice president, Li Jiayan, vice president, Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, Ai Tiecheng, senior vice president of strategic new business, and Hu Yayin, vice president of business resource management, attended the signing ceremony.

NIO is a global smart electric vehicle company established in 2014, dedicated to creating a pleasant lifestyle for users by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles and the ultimate user experience. Up to now, NIO has established R&D, production, sales and service institutions in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanjing, San Jose, Munich, Oxford and Oslo and other places around the world; in the Chinese market, it has initially established a nationwide user service system; 2021 Start entering the global market.

After 53 years of development, Hisense has always adhered to the core values ​​of “honesty, pragmatism, innovation, customer first, and sustainable operation” and the development strategy of “technological enterprise, stable operation”, and its business covers multimedia, home appliances, IT intelligent information systems and Modern service industry and many other fields. In the B2C industry with color TV as the core, Hisense has always been at the forefront of the global industry; in the new kinetic energy B2B industries such as smart transportation, precision medicine and optical communication, Hisense has also occupied a national and even global position. At present, Hisense industrial layout is transforming from the traditional “home appliance industry” to “high-tech industry”; it has 23 R&D institutions, 29 industrial parks and production bases around the world, and its products are sold in more than 160 countries and regions. , of which self-owned brands account for more than 80%.

One is a new car-making force that stands out in the automotive field, and the other is a high-tech enterprise group that pursues youth, vitality, creativity and innovation after half a century of steady development and continuous self-transformation and upgrading. Concept and strategic layout:

First, adhere to long-termism. NIO, like Hisense, is an enterprise that actively practices long-termism, not only pursuing short-term benefits, but also making long-term layouts.

Second, Hisense has three listed companies, listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Weilai has also completed three listings in the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore. In the future, it will seek to be listed on A-shares. Long-term development to expand more space.

Third, Hisense insists that “quality is morality” and Weilai insists that “quality is belief”. The pursuit and emphasis on quality of both sides coincide.

Fourth, full-stack self-research. Hisense has 23 R&D centers around the world. As a new company, NIO is also determined on the road of self-research.

Fifth, globalization. Hisense insists that the essence of globalization is localization, which is also a concept that Weilai very much agrees with and is practicing. 

These are the solid foundations for the cooperation and long-term cooperation between the two parties in the future. The comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two parties is not only a breakthrough in the current business, application scenarios, technology, and market, but more importantly, the two parties can better leverage their respective advantages, seize new opportunities for development, and work together for common development. This all-round strategic cooperation between the two parties has been expanded from Japan’s Sanden, the world’s automotive electronics brand under Hisense, as the primary cooperation platform. “In the future, the two parties will continue to expand in-depth cooperation in related industries such as smart cities, smart communities, smart homes, displays, big data, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving to achieve better win-win development.”