Nissan streamlines in-vehicle software development with Aras

Aras, which provides the most powerful low-code platform with applications to design, build and operate complex products, announced that global car manufacturer Nissan Motor is using Aras Innovator to streamline the management of complex in-vehicle software variants. This move comes as Nissan expands its electric car production to meet increasing consumer demand.

Electrification brings significant benefits, but also introduces new configuration management challenges when it comes to in-vehicle software functionality. As the scope of electrification grows for Nissan, so does the amount of related source code, which now exceeds 100 million lines per car.

Using Aras Innovator, a platform for complete end-to-end product lifecycle management (PLM), Nissan has been able to develop new applications quickly by modeling business issues and making necessary changes to those applications with a minimal amount of coding. With Aras Innovator, Nissan has:

  • Improved quality, reduced development time and optimized resources
  • Created a unified solution for managing complex in-vehicle software variants that replaces multiple in-house systems
  • Eliminated errors and inconsistencies stemming from manual input of information

Hiroaki Nemoto, Nissan, said: “Aras Innovator’s low-code and model-based platform helps us accommodate changes in business and technology by dynamically evolving the model without disrupting the users and with minimum code. Engineers in different domains and teams are now using the same platform to build a digital thread that enables traceability to requirements while working on design details in highly specialized tools. Ten years ago, this idea was so grand and difficult that I couldn’t find any capable solutions. Aras Innovator allows step-by-step realization of these goals via its ‘easy to build,’ ‘easy to align,’ and ‘easy to connect’ characteristics.”

Roque Martin, CEO, Aras, said: “The move to electric car production has made managing in-vehicle software variants more complex. Manufacturers like Nissan need a cohesive solution for effective management to stay competitive in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. With Aras Innovator, Nissan gains a unified solution that enables consistent and error-free configuration – a key step toward meeting the company’s electric car production goals.”