Notion Systems and PV Nano Cell announce a strategic partnership in digital printed electronics

Notion Systems, a manufacturer of industrial inkjet systems for functional materials and PV Nano Cell, an innovative provider of inkjet-based conductive digital printing solutions and producer of conductive digital inks, announced that a non-exclusive agreement was signed between the companies.

The two companies are world-leaders in their respected domains and plan to jointly go-to-market strategy to offer complete solutions including inks, printers and the printing process to be implemented in digital additive manufacturing of printed electronics. This approach is aimed at simplifying and accelerating the adoption of digital printed electronics by mass-producers. One of the primary challenges of any printing solution is the development of its printing process that integrates the chemistry of the ink, printer parameters and the customers’ design requirements. In order to overcome this challenge, the companies will work together and exchange information to optimize both the overall performance of printing and its time-to-market. The companies have been working together for years and are partners in the most prestigious European Funded projects such as the eurostarsTM inkjetPCB that focuses on inkjet-based fabrication of multilayer printed circuit boards with embedded printed passive elements. Another new funded project the two companies are working on with other partners is Project Tinker that focuses on providing a new cost & resource-efficient pathway for RADAR and LIDAR sensor package fabrication with high throughput up to 250 units/min. In addition, Notion Systems and PV Nano Cell already have a few joint customers.

Notion Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Doran commented: “The new partnership will bundle forces and provide a one stop solution for customers. Notion Systems has a broad experience in developing highly advanced and very precise production ink jet printing systems for conductive materials in electronics. The n.jet electronics platform is already fine-tuned to work very well with PV Nano Cell’s materials and provides the highest yields and outputs. This strategic cooperation will enable a joint lab-to-fab approach by two successful and well experienced companies in conductive inkjet printing. The joint development will take place both in the labs in Migdal HaEmek, Israel as well as in Schwetzingen, Germany.”

PV Nano Cell’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fernando de la Vega, commented, “This new partnership is well aligned with our strategy, anticipated and a natural evolution in the digital printed electronics market. Mass-production customers require an optimized, consumable solution that they can quickly and easily implement in their production facilities. Notion Systems and PV Nano Cell are now offering exactly this, a Complete Solution of conductive inks, printers and printing process, all working together and optimized from the R&D stage to mass-production. We see a tremendous need from the market for such an offering and partnership and expect the joint offering will have a tremendous positive impact on the business of both companies. Michael and I have known each other for many years and there is a great business, technical and personal synergy between the companies which will all contribute to the success of the partnership.”