Odyssey Semiconductor achieves 1200 Volt rating on vertical GaN Power devices

Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies, a semiconductor device company developing innovative high-voltage power switching components based on proprietary Gallium Nitride processing technology, announced it reached the stated goal of 1200 volt rating on vertical GaN power field-effect transistors (FETs). The Company is now applying this validated technology to fabricate product samples in Q4 2022 for internal and customer evaluations, planned through Q1 2023.

Recently Accomplished Odyssey Technology Milestones

  • Announced the 1200 volt vertical GaN power device.
  • On-track to build Gen1 product samples of 650 and 1200 volt power devices in Q4 2022.
  • Validated figures-of-merit for both 650 and 1200 volt power devices that will provide industry-leading efficiency with remarkably low on-resistance at high switching frequencies for reduced solution size.
  • Validated process for large-scale device fabrication, currently in use to manufacture product samples.
  • Secured commitments from three customers to evaluate Gen1 product samples. Expanded customer engagement is underway to confirm additional customers for product samples.

CEO Commentary

The importance of Odyssey achieving this milestone of 1200 volt vertical GaN power devices cannot be over-emphasized,” said Mark Davidson, Odyssey’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are emerging from process and materials R&D to delivering products at voltages that lateral GaN can’t practically reach with economics unattainable by silicon and silicon carbide. Our vertical GaN products will deliver high power conversion efficiency at almost 10x smaller than a silicon carbide transistor for the same application.

We are not just fabricating test structures. We’re building product samples that customers need. Odyssey continues to close new commitments for product samples as customers gain a full understanding of the capabilities of Odyssey’s power devices. The Company is uniquely positioned with the expertise and the IP portfolio to protect it. And with our own foundry in Ithaca, New York, we can innovate quickly and control our ability to supply products to customers,” concluded Davidson.

Odyssey Uniquely Positioned in High Growth Megatrend Movement to High Voltage.
40% CAGR to 2027 in Odyssey’s Addressable Market

The market the Company is pursuing is large and fast growing. Odyssey’s approach to vertical GaN will offer an even greater improvement that silicon, silicon carbide, and lateral GaN cannot deliver. The 650 volt is the larger market , expected to grow at a 20% compound annual growth rate. The 1200 volt product market segment is expected to grow faster at 63% CAGR and will become the larger market in the second half of this decade. Together, the 650 and 1200 volt power device market is expected to grow to approximately $5 billion in 2027, a 40% combined CAGR according to Yole, a French company that gathers market statistics.