OLED Boom: LG reports 10 Million TVs sold

LG has reached a new milestone in the field of OLED TVs. Since 2013, around 10 million OLED televisions have been sold.

This information relates to the worldwide market and only to LG. Other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Philips and Sony also offer OLED televisions. However, all companies get their panels from LG Display. This can sometimes be a disadvantage, as the current VRR problem demonstrates. LG also states that the German market in particular is growing.

Despite the Corona crisis, international sales of OLED TVs have increased by around 25% this year. The fact that many users have bought a new TV with HDMI 2.1 due to the upcoming new generation of consoles should certainly also play a role. In Germany, the market grew by 37% compared to the previous year. If you look at the pure number of units, it is even 41%.

OLED TVs offer many advantages over LCD competitors: Thanks to the self-illuminating pixels, the picture is always homogeneous. In addition, this enables perfect black and the contrasts are also ideal. However, OLEDs also have disadvantages. Burn-in can occur under some conditions. In addition, OLEDs wear out faster than LCDs. They also do not achieve such high, maximum brightnesses.