Omnivision and iCatch technology partner to enhance video doorbell with color pre-roll capability

OMNIVISION, a global developer of semiconductor solutions, including advanced digital imaging, analog and touch & display technology, and iCatch Technology, a AI image processing IC design company, announced a strategic collaboration to introduce a color pre-roll feature into the home security camera market. With pre-roll enabled users can save up to four seconds of video footage prior to the camera’s motion detector triggering.

The partnership involves integrating OMNIVISION’s OA07600 ultra-low-power, always-on video co-processor with a pre-roll recording buffer and iCatch Technology’s Vi57 artificial intelligence (AI) imaging system-on-chip (SoC) to enable continuous storage of pre-event color video footage. This integrated chipset delivers an innovative video doorbell solution that offers exceptional traceability and visibility during any triggering event.

iCatch Technology’s Vi57 is an imaging SoC with ultra-fast capture and edge AI capability to improve the general usability of video doorbells. Taking the pre-roll footage from OMNIVISION’s OA07600 co-processor, Vi57 SoC can seamlessly combine it with post-event footage into one video with minimal data loss. Moreover, with state-of-the-art image processing, the Vi57 SoC is capable of providing high-quality video in full color, even under extreme low-light conditions. With this innovation, color information can be utilized to provide users with a better understanding and enhanced traceability of the incident.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with OMNIVISION to integrate their advanced color pre-roll solution for the video doorbell market,” said Weber Hsu, CEO of iCatch Technology. “By combining OMNIVISION’s OA07600 video co-processor with our Vi57 AI imaging SoC, we are closing the gap of the user experience between wired and wireless home security cameras, offering both ease of installation and incident traceability at the same time.”

David Ho, Technical Director of Product Management at OMNIVISION, added, “The OA07600 is the industry’s first ultra-low-power, always-on video co-processor with pre-roll. Our unique low-power design of the OA07600 makes it possible for the first time to bring high-quality pre-roll video into battery-powered systems. We are excited to partner with iCatch Technology to integrate the OA07600 with their Vi57 SoC and bring a new level of performance to wireless home security camera OEMs.”

The cooperation between iCatch Technology and OMNIVISION ensures that a battery-powered video doorbell with the color pre-roll feature delivers an enhanced user experience and elevates the security standard of the video doorbell to new heights. This color pre-roll video doorbell solution jointly developed by iCatch Technology and OMNIVISION is in mass production now and available for customer engagement.