Opsys Tech to display LiDAR-integrated intelligent automotive taillight solution co-developed with South Korean auto supplier SL

Opsys Tech, developer of the world’s most advanced patented True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR technology, announced that it will display a LiDAR-integrated smart taillight solution co-developed with SL ., a South Korea-based auto parts supplier. The smart taillight solution will be displayed in the Opsys Tech booth (#6507) at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas beginning January 5, 2023. This smart lighting solution with integrated Opsys Tech LiDAR is targeted for production cars as early as 2025. SL is a global supplier to several major automakers.

“This successful co-development with world auto parts supplier SL validates that Opsys LiDAR meets all technical requirements necessary to enable integrated LiDAR smart lighting solutions,” said Opsys Tech CEO Rafi Harel. “It represents a strong recognition that Opsys Tech True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR is superior to other LiDAR technologies and significantly increase vehicle safety while maximizing installation flexibility. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with SL , including LiDAR integration into headlights and smart-lighting solutions in the cabin interior.”

“SL has successfully completed the verification of smart taillights with integrated Opsys LiDAR for autonomous parking and safety enhancement, plus elimination of blind spots behind the vehicle,” said Wanseok Kim, Senior Researcher of R&D at SL “SL is currently also developing a high-performance LiDAR-integrated smart headlight solution with Opsys LiDAR, which will improve autonomous driving. This advanced integration will enable SL to offer a complete autonomous-driving solution for mass production vehicles.”

Automakers are pursuing various use-cases and installation flexibility of LiDAR solutions to increase vehicle safety with enhanced advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to reduce accidents and for advanced L3/L4/L5 autonomous driving applications. Other near-term sensor integration may occur in headlights, windshields, grilles and roof locations.

Opsys Tech supplies an entirely new and ground-breaking category of LiDAR: True Solid State Scanning LiDAR with no moving parts, which can be adapted in any applications without limitation. Opsys Tech’s patented True Solid-State Scanning LiDAR technology combines the best of existing methods without trade-offs while delivering superior reliability and performance in every critical category at the best value.

Opsys Tech Scanning LiDAR:

  • Has absolutely no moving parts
  • Enables best-in-class resolution and scanning rate while delivering best value
  • Delivers above 90% probability of detection at 200-meters range for 10% reflectivity
  • Delivers all “specs all the time” across the full field of view