PacketLight and ID Quantique announce successful integration of quantum key distribution in packetlight devices

PacketLight, a provider of DWDM and OTN equipment and ID Quantique (IDQ), worldwide leader in Quantum-Safe security solutions, announced joint solutions that will offer Quantum-Safe security to customers who transfer sensitive data and require ultra-secure encryption over their network.

In today’s interconnected world, data security is a top concern for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. The growing sophistication of cyber threats and the development of quantum computers will put optical networks at risk, requiring an increase in security and strengthening of key exchange methods.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology relies on quantum physics to secure the distribution of symmetric encryption keys between two parties. The successful integration of IDQ’s 4th generation of quantum key distribution (QKD) solutions with PacketLight’s DWDM & OTN encrypted transport delivers a highly secure quantum-safe encrypted network. IDQ’s QKD enhances PacketLight’s Layer-1 Encryption solutions, ensuring the impervious transmission of sensitive data, immune to attempts at spying and hacking.

Combining IDQ’s QKD with PacketLight network encryption equipment enables the retrofit and upgrade of existing fiber optic telecommunication infrastructures, offering a higher level of security to financial institutions, government institutes, and enterprises wanting to secure their sensitive data; making them quantum-safe for the long term.