Park Systems announces Park NX-Mask, a Photomask repair for EUV and In-Line

Park NX-Mask offers optimized solutions that support dual pods for handling EUV masks on inline production. It provides all in one solution—from auto defect review to repair of defects and verification of the repair—accelerating the throughput at unprecedented repair efficacy.

Park NX-Mask is the most advanced AFM based photomask repair system for high-end EUV semiconductor manufacturing as well as for R&D and mask shops. Moreover, it is the most affordable system in the market,” said Richard Lee, Head of Product Marketing Division of Park Systems.

Park NX-Mask repairs even the most challenging photomasks by removing defects and foreign particles with nanometer accuracy and angstrom level precision of the edge-placement. It does this without disturbing the reflective surface pattern and spurious depositions including stains and implanted elements.

nx mask photomask repair

AFM Based EUV Mask Repair Equipment, NX-Mask

The automatic defect review comes standard in Park NX-Mask, a feature handy for EUV mask reticles, for high throughput, high resolution and free from destructive risks posed by other methods including e-beam and laser. Furthermore, Park NXMask offers a fully automated AFM nano-metrology for surface roughness and pattern step height. It does this with sub-angstrom vertical precision in non-contact scanning mode.