Photonics West 2022: TRUMPF presents next generation of controlled polarized VCSEL

TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions presents at the Photonics West fair 2022 a live showcase on VCSEL with controlled polarization for illumination applications. This new VCSEL will lead to much smaller construction space needed for example in smartphones for 3D scene illumination. Together with Metalenz, a Boston based pioneer in designing and commercializing meta-optics, TRUMPF demonstrates how future consumer electronic devices benefit from these smaller and smarter components. This technology progress is enabled through the development of VCSELs with stable polarization.

Extended VCSEL portfolio
TRUMPF also presents its portfolio on single-mode and multimode VCSELs. They can be used for a wide range of advanced industrial and consumer sensing applications, from oxygen sensor to face recognition. The portfolio contains a new single-mode VCSEL for highly precise time-of-flight sensors. With ViBO (VCSEL with integrated backside optics) TRUMPF showcases another new VCSEL solution, that comes with monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. Applications such as LiDAR or AR glasses benefit from this technology, as ViBO comes with a significantly reduced footprint and offers highest freedom in design, as tailored illumination profiles can be created.

VCSEL for industrial heating and data communication
The VCSEL heating systems showcased at the show, enable direct heat treatment with fully controllable emission zones. They offer huge potential for various industrial applications – from more sustainable Li-battery production to local softening of metal automotive parts to photovoltaic applications. In production of Li-batteries for example, they enable faster and more energy-efficient drying of active material and therefore a lot more efficient production process. The modules are highly flexible and compact, enabling high efficiency and quality.

The portfolio of TRUMPF Photonic Components is completed by VCSEL and photodiode solutions for optical communication. Media transmission via fiber optical communication is a raising field as the amount of data, that has to be transferred, is increasing. The solutions offer high date rates at low power consumption and low latency to fulfill the highest demands of data centers.