Search and RoboSense to cooperate on autonomous driving announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with RoboSense. Based on the R&D accumulation of’s full-stack autonomous driving technology, as well as the comprehensive advantages of Sagitar Juchuang’s lidar products in terms of performance and mass production capabilities, the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of autonomous driving and smart transportation throughout the business chain to promote The implementation and large-scale application of autonomous driving technology solutions.

The large-scale implementation and mass production of autonomous driving technology are the focus of in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Based on the second-generation solid-state lidar RS-LiDAR-M1 platform of Sagitar Juchuang, the two parties will jointly develop customized lidar products to support the production and implementation of mass production solutions for autonomous passenger cars and trucks. The two parties will also carry out cooperation in a wider dimension and in more fields, further open up the resources of the autonomous driving industry chain, create the best autonomous driving system solutions and urban smart transportation products, and continue to explore new application scenarios for smart cars to empower new smart cities. building.

Lou Tiancheng, co-founder and CTO of said :

Lidar is a very important core hardware in autonomous driving technical solutions, and hardware iteration and technology iteration complement each other and promote each other. Through strategic cooperation with Sagitar Juchuang, we will further open up the resources of the autonomous driving industry chain and create the best automatic Driving system solutions and smart transportation products jointly promote the development of the industry.”

Qiu Chunchao, co-founder and CEO of Sagitar Juchuang, said :

The magnificent historical process of intelligent upgrading of the automobile industry has provided unprecedented strong impetus for the rapid development and integration of intelligent transportation. Sagitar and closely follow the pulse of the times, and have achieved complementary advantages in the industrial chain, openness and common development. Winning comprehensive and in-depth cooperation. This will not only greatly enhance the advantages of Sagitar Juchuang LiDAR in a wider range of traffic scenarios, but will also help to accelerate the construction of cross-scenario, cross-platform, and cross-domain autonomous driving technology, empowering smart transportation and technological evolution and industrial transformation of the autonomous driving industry.”

In the field of passenger cars, is steadily advancing the development of the sixth-generation autonomous driving software and hardware system designed for L4 vehicle-level mass production. Compared with the previous generation,’s new-generation software and hardware system follows the technical route of multi-sensor deep fusion, and adopts solid-state lidar with better cost on a large scale. In the field of commercial vehicles, CYANTRON Logistics, a joint venture between’s self-driving freight brand and Sinotrans, started business operations on April 1. At the same time, and Sany Heavy Truck established a joint venture to build a smart logistics “golden triangle” including autonomous driving companies, logistics companies and heavy truck manufacturers. The strategic cooperation between and Sagitar will further enhance the robustness of’s autonomous driving system, facilitate the mass production of autonomous driving technology and the large-scale application of autonomous trucks in the smart logistics market.

The autonomous driving industry is starting large-scale implementation and commercial operation. quickly integrates the overall linkage of upstream and downstream resources in the industry, and conducts in-depth cooperation with industry companies in many key areas. The strategic cooperation between and LiDAR R&D company Sagitar will further expand the industry cooperation ecosystem and promote the formation and commercial application of autonomous driving technology mass production solutions. In the past year, has successively launched in-depth cooperation with industrial chain partners such as NavInfo, NVIDIA, Ruqi Mobility, Sinotrans, FAW Group, Sany Heavy Truck, SAIC Motor, and Cao Cao Mobility.