Search and SAIC artificial intelligence laboratory jointly promote the application of driverless technology

In the process of promoting the application of autonomous driving technology, once again joins hands with strong partners. On September 27, announced the start of cooperation with SAIC AI Labs (SAIC AI LAB) to jointly explore cutting-edge fields such as autonomous driving technology research and development and the implementation of unmanned vehicle operation services.

Under the cooperation framework, the two parties will integrate their respective advantageous resources and jointly promote the research and development of fully unmanned autonomous vehicles. The two parties have jointly built a fully unmanned autonomous driving concept car based on SAIC’s Marvel-R model, which was unveiled at the “Unmanned Land” event held in Shanghai Auto Expo Park , providing unmanned shuttle services for event guests.

At the event, the “No Man’s Land” Demonstration Experience Zone was officially launched, becoming an important part of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone. The demonstration experience is opened in two phases. The planned area is 3.8 kilometers of semi-closed roads in Shanghai Auto Expo Park. The first phase has been constructed and put into use with a length of 1.2 kilometers. The second phase is 2.6 kilometers in planning and construction, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Based on the joint research and development results of SAIC AI LAB and, the concept car is equipped with the latest generation of L4-level unmanned driving solutions, using automotive-grade sensors and a new generation of intelligent cockpit design such as a foldable steering wheel, which is full of futuristic sense. The vehicle is equipped with a total of 17 sensors, which complement each other in the field of view, form redundancy and eliminate blind spots. The visual range covers 360 degrees and 200 meters. At the same time, the overall design is compact, beautiful and more streamlined.

Peng Jun, co-founder and CEO of said :

SAIC is a world-class auto company, while has accumulated industry autonomous driving technology in the past few years. The two parties will jointly break through the technological boundaries, accelerate the development of ‘unmanned’ autonomous driving, and promote the application of the technology. In the future, we will continue our in-depth cooperation to explore various possibilities for the application of autonomous driving technology.”

Xiang Dang, general manager of SAIC Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, said :

“ is a leader among the new forces of autonomous driving at home and abroad in recent years. SAIC AI Lab has mature technical strength and experience in autonomous driving, vehicle development, intelligent cockpit, etc., and its Robotaxi project launched It has been affirmed by the market. It is believed that the cooperation between the two parties will further promote the implementation of unmanned driving, jointly lead the development of autonomous driving and the upgrading of travel services, and promote the construction of urban smart travel.”

In the future, the two parties will jointly build a driverless fleet suitable for large-scale commercial operations, and steadily expand the scale of SAIC and’s autonomous driving fleet. In addition, the two parties will also carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of automobile chassis, intelligent cockpit, HMI (human-machine interface), remote driving control and other intelligent driving technologies, and jointly promote the implementation of Shanghai’s driverless policy.

In 2021, SAIC Xiangdao Robotaxi will be put into trial operation in Shanghai and Kaicheng, Suzhou. The project is led by SAIC AI LAB. It integrates the advantages of SAIC industrial chain to create a software and hardware integrated L4 autonomous driving solution for Xiangdao Robotaxi, which is the first domestically. A self-driving taxi project led by car companies. In 2022, SAIC Xiangdao Robotaxi will continue to expand the scale of its fleet across the country and achieve mass production of L4-level autonomous driving. In the future, SAIC AI LAB will further implement the strategic layout of SAIC’s intelligent network connection, effectively create a new format of smart travel, and truly “make travel full of AI”. established the Shanghai R&D Center in July 2020, and has experienced rapid development in Shanghai since then. In July 2021,’s self-driving travel service began to open demonstration operations in Jiading, Shanghai, covering the main urban areas of Jiading; in November 2021, further expanded its self-driving fleet, and the Robotaxi service was expanded to the public in Shanghai. After the powerful alliance with SAIC, will accelerate the iteration and commercial application of autonomous driving technology, and promote the development of smart travel in the future.