Search, Cao Cao Travel, and Geely Smart Driving Center reached a strategic cooperation to jointly build a Robotaxi fleet announced strategic cooperation with Cao Cao Travel and the Intelligent Driving Center of Geely Automobile Innovation Research Institute. will use its accumulation in L4-level autonomous driving technology and Robotaxi operation to jointly build an open operation platform for intelligent driving with Cao Cao Travel and Geely Auto Intelligent Driving Center, and operate the autonomous driving travel service (Robotaxi) in Suzhou.

Following the integration of Robotaxi vehicles into Cao Cao’s taxi-hailing software in August, this tripartite strategic cooperation has further opened up the collaboration between the technology side, the application side and the data side. Based on’s autonomous driving software and hardware technology, Cao Cao Travel’s fully driverless vehicles and shared travel platform, and Geely Auto Intelligent Driving Center’s system software development and underlying platform construction capabilities, the three parties will Complete the establishment of the Robotaxi fleet, and promote the operation of the fleet in Suzhou High-speed Railway New City to create Robotaxi products that meet the needs of users.

Mo Luyi, Vice President of said:

“The scale and commercialization of autonomous driving technology has always been the medium and long-term goal of Joining hands with more excellent industry partners will promote the application of autonomous driving technology on a larger scale. The public opens the service.”

Zhou Zheren, the head of Cao Cao’s travel smart car, said

“Open operation is the key to the commercialization of autonomous driving. Through cooperation with, Cao Cao Travel will form an open business operation system, so as to provide standardized business operation capabilities for various autonomous driving companies at a lower cost. , to accelerate the large-scale commercial landing of Robotaxi.”

Hu Jinlong, deputy director of Geely Auto Intelligent Driving Center, said:

“Geely Auto Intelligent Driving Center has many years of technical accumulation in the field of intelligent automobile manufacturing, and can provide data services for the commercialization of intelligent driving. At the same time, Geely Auto also attaches great importance to travel safety. In the future, Geely Auto Intelligent Driving Center will travel with Cao Cao. Together with, we are committed to creating an intelligent driving mode of ‘extreme safety and ultimate experience’ for users.”

Since the launch of PonyPilot, the first self-driving travel service in China in 2018, has gradually covered the four first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and has provided more than 1 million self-driving travel services to the public. At the same time, is also actively working with travel platforms such as Cao Cao Travel and Ruqi Travel to explore innovative service models and promote the application of autonomous driving technology. In the future, will further expand the “circle of friends”, integrate high-quality resources in the industry, and accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving technology.