Power Electronics announces the adoption of the NACS connector in its line of electric vehicle chargers

Power Electronics continues to lead the industry with innovative and high-quality charging solutions, introducing its line of chargers with the NACS connector in 2024 to continue driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles worldwide.

Power Electronics, global leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, is pleased to announce a significant step towards the future of electric mobility: the inclusion of the North America Charging Standard (NACS) connector in its innovative range of chargers. This strategic decision responds to the growing demand for more versatile and efficient charging infrastructures, as well as to recent developments in the automotive industry.

Used exclusively by Tesla since 2012, it was in 2022 when its patent was released, leading to the NACS standard. Its prominence has been growing in the electric vehicle charging landscape over the past year when significant manufacturers in the automotive sector have announced the adoption of a standard present in more than 15,730 charging points across the United States.

Considering this exciting situation, Power Electronics reaffirms its position as a pioneer in charging solutions, positioning itself at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution by integrating the NACS connector into its range of chargers as of 2024. This step will expand accessibility to electric vehicle charging and highlights Power Electronics’ commitment to the evolution of sustainable mobility.

The manufacturer has always stood out for its efforts in facilitating a rapid transition to electric vehicles. A mission where open standards and interoperability are essential elements to achieve a robust and scalable electric mobility economy.

Therefore, the introduction of its line of chargers with the NACS connector in 2024 will be great news for electric vehicle owners, and it will also strengthen the charging network in the United States, encouraging even more the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable electric mobility.