PreAct Technologies announces Mojave, the first release in its 3rd generation family of ear-field, software-definable flash LiDAR

PreAct Technologies (PreAct), an Oregon-based developer of near-field flash LiDAR technology, announced the release of its Mojave LiDAR as a high-performance, low-cost sensor solution to address a variety of applications including smart cities, robotics, cargo monitoring, education & university research, building monitoring, patient monitoring, agricultural, and much more.

“As more industries are discovering the power of LiDAR sensors to provide high quality data while also maintaining individual privacy, we knew that our technology would be a perfect fit for these applications,” said Paul Drysch, CEO of PreAct. “We created the sensor to allow companies to monitor volume and movement through high-density point clouds, which gives them the information they need to adjust their services without the ‘creepy’ factor of watching individuals on camera.  In addition, you get much more useful data with a point cloud – such as precise object location and volume.”

Mojave is the only flash LiDAR on the market designed to meet the needs of non-automotive industry, as well as automotive, applications. With its software-definable capabilities, depth accuracy error of less than 2%, and a single unit retail cost of $350, Mojave will be the first truly mass-market LiDAR. Mojave’s performance addresses crucial spatial awareness challenges without paying outrageous amounts for other sensors on the market.

Currently, specific use cases include elevator passenger monitoring, retail, patient monitoring in medical facilities, security cameras, robotics, smart cities, education and university research, and entrepreneurship.

Retail – Mojave addresses key concerns in a retail setting that include customer traffic patterns and behavior, shrinkage protection, product stocking, warehouse logistics, and violence detection. All these areas provide more peace of mind for a better customer experience and profitability.

Patient Monitoring & Security – Medical and rehabilitation facilities can use the Mojave sensor to monitor patient movements to minimize the risk of falling, lack of movement and other potential dangers such as security breaches from unauthorized visitors.

Robotics – Mojave meets the stringent automation needs in manufacturing, logistics, and other industries that have come to rely on robotics applications. Outperforming other sensors on the market with its precision, safety, and spatial awareness capabilities, Mojave stands out as a premier sensor choice.

Smart Cities – As smart cities continue to improve their use of technology, gathering information about travel patterns and public transit passenger behaviors, etc., has become critical to implementing an intelligent transportation system (ITS) that can provide the kind of high performance, accuracy, and speed possible with PreAct’s Mojave LiDAR.

Education and University Research – Technology is moving at record speed with universities being a knowledge-rich forum for professors and students to collaborate on the next generation of sensor innovation & application. Worldwide, university labs and centers are dedicated spaces providing testing environments to explore how sensor technology will better our lives.

Entrepreneurship and Inventors – With creativity abound, most educational institutions teach some form of entrepreneurship. Universities worldwide dedicate entrepreneurship centers for educators to guide student innovators to solve the world’s most pressing problems. PreAct’s sensor technology awaits the next solution to everyday business and life challenges.

The PreAct Mojave LiDAR will be available in September of this year and distributed globally by Digi-Key Electronics and Amazon. Engineering samples will be available August 16 and both products can be pre-ordered now by contacting PreAct.