Production end at Tottori Fab and continuation as strategic operating center

JDI decided to end production of LCD panels at its Tottori Fab (Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture) by March 2025 and to continue business functions as a strategic site.

  1. Reason for Production End
    JDI’s Tottori Fab primarily produces automotive LCD panels using older amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology on G4 glass substrates (size: 680mm x 880mm). Given that a-Si is less capable of producing the high-performance displays manufactured using the more advanced low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology used at JDI’s other fabs, a-Si panels are experiencing declining customer demand. This is in contrast to growing customer demand for LTPS panels.

Tottori’s G4 line also has lower productivity and cost competitiveness relative to larger G6 lines (glass substrate size: 1500mm x 1850mm) such as JDI’s Mobara Fab. With customer demand shifting to larger displays that are more efficiently produced at these larger fabs, JDI has decided to end production at Tottori in order to better respond to customer needs, strengthen JDI’s competitiveness, and drive higher profitability

Panels currently being produced at the Tottori Fab will be discontinued by March 2025. After production end, Tottori will continue as a strategic operating center for JDI, development, design, and quality control functions within JDI’s AutoTech Business and supporting AutoTech’s growth in line with JDI’s METAGROWTH 2026 growth strategy. JDI will offer on-going employment opportunities to Tottori employees within JDI.

2. Tottori Fab Overview
Name Tottori Fab (G4 LCD line)
Location Minami-Yoshikata, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
Business Development, design, and production of a-Si LCD panels
Number of Employees 499

3. Schedule
Production End March 2025 (expected)

4. Earnings Impact
The Tottori production end will have minimal impact on its FY24/3 earnings, but JDI expects it will contribute significantly to JDI’s long-term competitiveness and profitability. JDI expects to record expenses associated with the production end in FY25/3, but the specific amounts have yet to be determined. If any matters requiring further disclosure
arise, JDI will promptly disclose the details. JDI is working to develop a new global display ecosystem based upon JDI’s proprietary Global No. 1 technologies, while growing value for customers and society and driving JDI’s global display technology leadership and sustainable growth for JDI shareholders.