Quanergy partners with Fabrinet to expand Global Manufacturing of LiDAR sensors

Fabrinet Will Help Quanergy Scale to Meet Growing Demand

Quanergy Systems, a provider of LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions, announced that the company will partner with Fabrinet, a provider of advanced precision optical and electronic manufacturing services, for the production of Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors.

Fabrinet is a trusted partner of the world’s most demanding original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their proven track record of customer service, flexibility and skill in managing complex operations aligns with Quanergy’s commitment to maintaining high quality and industry standards in manufacturing. With Fabrinet, Quanergy will be able to expand its global manufacturing and scale as demand increases, to deliver greater efficiency for customers.

Quanergy’s customers can be confident that their sensors are high-quality and built by a trusted, seasoned manufacturer with extensive, relevant certifications, including ISO9001, IATF16949 and ISO14001.

Kevin Amiri, Quanergy’s Senior Vice President of Operations, said: “LiDAR is revolutionizing how many businesses operate across the IoT and automotive industry. Fabrinet’s global supply chain expertise, in-house failure analysis and reliability testing, and direct fulfillment result in the efficiency, dependability, timeliness and cost-effectiveness that Quanergy’s customers need.”