QuantuMDx develops QC analytics system for cell & gene therapies

QuantuMDx has announced plans to expand the potential of its Q-POC™ technology and develop a quality control analytics system for cell and gene therapies (C&GTs), to be evaluated by GlaxoSmithKline’s C&GT platform.

Quality control testing for autologous C&GTs can be challenging as they are manufactured in small batches and personalised to each patient. However, the C&GT industry is accustomed to manufacturing therapies in large batches, for the treatment of tens of thousands of patients. Within this context, the ability to provide rapid throughput, lab-standard and decentralised safety testing and analytics, on a batch by batch basis, could offer considerable benefits.

QuantuMDx has developed the Q-POC™: a portable DNA analyser which compresses multiple molecular diagnostics laboratories into an affordable, simple-to-use, highly multiplexed and connected device. The Q-POC™ can be used in many environmental settings, providing results in 20 minutes and offers a potential analytical solution for the manufacture of autologous C&GTs.

Following encouraging proof of concept data, QuantuMDx is now developing a sample-to-result mycoplasma assay cassette – using PCR – to run on the Q-POC™ reader.

QuantuMDx will develop the novel technology ready for evaluation and validation by GlaxoSmithKline’s C&GT platform.

Jonathan O’Halloran, Chief Scientific Officer at QuantuMDx said:

“We’re delighted to be able to work with GSK in the development of analytical solutions for autologous ex vivo gene therapies using our Q-POC™ diagnostic device. The Q-POC™ is designed to provide rapid, lab-standard molecular diagnostics at the point of care and we’re excited by its potential to support C&GT safety testing, automate processes and help bridge this analytical gap.”

Jonathan added: “This co-development also highlights wider opportunities for QuantuMDx and the Q-POC™ in applied markets.”